In the course of offering our products to clients we have noted that 75% of our clients do not maximize the use of our products for the benefits of their Companies due to lack of knowledge. Thus the maintenance budget of companies can double because of lack of essential skills.

Cesscolina East Africa Limited came up with Vocational Training facility M/A/V/T & RC (Miyani Advanced Vocational Training & Research Center) to fill that gap. We believe that training and professional development is the key for the future success of hydraulic equipment technicians other technical service providers and manufacturing personnel’s. We believe that forward-thinking technical schools, Universities both Private and Public entities are our critical partners in this effort.

We have developed an extensive and diverse catalogues on hydraulic service, automotive and manufacturing-specific content and innovative learning tools to help technicians bolster their expertise and leverage their people to successfully compete in today’s economy. We can tailor make a specific study to suit your industry and meet specific needs as our objective is to meet your needs

Our training facility is fully registered by the regulating authority in Kenya Nita- National Industrial Training Authority.

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