Cesscolina East Africa Ltd - Our History

A warm welcome to all our clients, partners and well wishers visiting this site. You are assured of best service and personal attention at all times to solve all your technical problems all around the clock.

Cesscolina East Africa Ltd as it used to be known started operations in January 1999 at the borrowed premises of Mombasa Petrogas Services Ltd (MPS Ltd).A tribute to the management of MPS Ltd Mr. Austin Katuu and Mr David Mwafuga, for assisting me with space to venture my business because without them maybe our existence could not be possible.

After acquiring some capital and initial equipment Cesscolina moved to its present premises to date in 2003.Since that time we have gradually evolved to our present state. This transformation has only been achieved through hard work, discipline, sacrifice, prayers and the passion for quality, superior service and products which in turn is fuelled by talent and experience that has been nurtured through out the founders working life and instilled in all employees.

The founder and managing Director is a product of the prestigious Mombasa Polytechnic, Engineering department now called Mombasa University College. After some practical attachment in Bamburi Portland Cement Ltd where I was assigned Mobile plant and Quarry equipment repair. I had a stint with Caterpillar Bull Dozers in the biggest Sisal firm in East Africa the Teita Sisal Estate. When I left the Sisal firm I had noted that the expensive machines could brake down for days due to problems which could be rectified within a few hours only i.e. hydraulic hose pipe or a leaking cylinder problem. To solve hose pipe problem our firm works 24/7 to ensure that our clients down time is minimized as much as possible. In my encounter with hydraulic cylinders I have noted that many times we could not get the right sealing kit on time for our clients and therefore delayed repairs and the client goes at a loss in hiring other expensive hydraulic machines for his work just because a boom cylinder is leaking! To solve this we have invested in a Turnkey Seal Making computer numerically operated machine from Europe. The tested and proven technology, machine and material as well as the training are all from a European country and therefore expect the very best in hydraulic and pneumatic seals.

Now we are able to manufacture any seal at our convenience for our own workshop use and for sale to both our old and new clients within a few hours.

All the machines and equipment in our possession as well as the services we undertake has been as a result of a need to overcome the shortcomings we had been facing driven by a passion to offer quality superior services efficiently.
For the last Eleven years we have had a share of mistakes in our field and have been able to learn some of the worst mistakes made in hydraulics technology and have managed to avoid them so we are now experts in our field and now are confident to serve you adequately or advise you accordingly. Our business is not just commercial but a very technical and dedicated enterprise to give you the very best in hydraulic services and other engineering expertise.

Cesscolina Agencies was incorporated in January 2010 to Cesscolina Agencies Limited. The company was renamed Cesscolina East Africa Limited in June 2013. With addition of new directors all new generation of indigenous Kenyan Citizens with possession of good management skills in assistance of our skilled workforce, Cesscolina has proved to the world that it is no longer skin colors that matter but hard work, integrity, proper planning, continuous improvement and learning new skills, and sound management practices can bring success which only border to miracles. We can boldly say with President Barrack Obama that ‘YES WE CAN’.

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