Company overview

Quality Philosophy

Cesscolina East Africa Limited is committed to:

  • Manufacture hydraulic hose pipes, hydraulic seals, control cables and repair hydraulic systems and supply hydraulic equipment by environment friendly processes.

  • Adhere to applicable national and international standards in its manufacturing plant.

  • Build customer focus by understanding customer needs and striving for product quality improvement all the time, as continuous improvement has been and will remain our culture.

  • Achieve total customer satisfaction by enhancing and upgrading resources, technology and personal competence in order to serve better and conserve the environment. We also provide tailored technical assistance to our clients.

  • Timely delivery of products and services to clients to enable them save or minimize breakdown time by working around the clock as the need may be and offering total after sales support.

  • Periodical training to our consumers and clients on how to maximize the use of our products and services as well as create a forum for questions and answers.

  • Continuously engage in training of our staff at home and abroad on the very best modern methods of solving problems in our field and keep abreast with the ever changing technology.

Our Values

Cesscolina East Africa Ltd shall not take short cuts to Safety, Compliance, Quality and Ethics. Be Fair and Caring towards Employees, Clients, Community, Environment and other Stake holders.

Our Mission

Cesscolina East Africa Limited Mission is:

  • To eradicate oil spills and leakages efficiently, economically and as fast as possible as well as solve the mysteries and challenges of complex hydraulic systems.

Our Vision

Cesscolina East Africa Limited has a vision:

  • To be the leading referral hydraulic equipment solution provider in Africa

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